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Re: zsh 4.0.4 on HP-UX?

--- Hannu Koivisto <azure@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Thomas Stromberg <thomas.stromberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I installed the 4.0.4 package from the HP-UX freeware site
> at
> > http://hpux.cs.utah.edu onto a few HP-UX 11.0 boxes, and
> everything
> > works:
> > 
> > except for the backspace key. It works, but the cursor
> doesn't go
> We just fought with the same problem.  We also noticed that if
> we
> tried to say "export TERM=xterm" under hpterm where we saw the
> problem, zsh complained that it cannot find the terminfo entry
> even
> though "infocmp xterm" worked just fine.
> In any case, we solved the backspace problem by installing
> ncurses
> and then compiling zsh so that it uses ncurses instead of
> HP-UX's
> own curses library (which the precompiled version in the
> freeware
> site used).

I fought this problem too, and the fix was similar.  In HP-UX
11.00, they redefined the output values of tgetent to 0 (OK) and
-1 (ERR).  0 used to mean there was no such term capability.

The old tgetent is still available in the libHcurses library. 
Putting LDFLAGS='-lHcurses' fixed the problem for me.


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