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Re: My zshrc; any sugestions welcome

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 03:46:21PM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Mar 25, 11:45am, Marijan Peh wrote:
> } 
> } Any sugestions welcome, thanks.
> Oh, what the heck, I've got half an hour to waste.


>         ## display user@host and name of current process in (xterm|rxvt) title
>         preexec () {print -Pn "\033]0;%n@%m [$1] %~\007"}
> It'd probably be better to use ${${(z)1}[1]} there, rather than $1, if
> you want just the command name.  Or even ${${${(z)1}:#*[[:punct:]]*}[1]}
> in case the first "word" is an open-paren or something.

This display just first letter of current running job. ex:
I run 'top' but is shows only 't' in titlebar.

>         function compstyle { }
> You meant `function zstyle { }', I'll bet.  It hasn't been called compstyle
> for a while now.

Yes, missed that.

> [in pskill()]
>         kill -9 `print -r $pid`
> Any reason why that isn't just `kill -9 $pid'?

newlines (it can also go with `print -n $pid`) ex:

mpeh:~> ps x|grep top
1943 pts/6    S      0:00 top
mpeh:~> pskill to
killing to (process 1943
1953)...pskill:kill:5: illegal pid: 1943\n1953

Thanks for cool tips.

Kind regards
Marijan Peh

 .~.   marijan.peh@xxxxxxxxxxx
 /V\   /bin/zsh 4.1.0-dev-4 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
/( )\  Linux nymos.home.hr 2.4.18-rmap-rml #3
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