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Re: What is the zsh equivalent of csh's set echo?

I've been burned by this also.  :(
Is there a way to do something like:
    $mycommand $myoptions $@

Where $myoptions could be:
    myoptions="-a -f myfile.txt"

It always chokes on interpreting "-a -f myfile.txt" as a single
parameter.  Any solutions?

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 05:54:18PM -0400, Hall Jeffrey S NPRI wrote:
> Actually, I figured out my problem. I got burned by the
> zsh not splitting parameter substitutions into multiple
> words. I had a flag/value pair stored in a variable, like
> FOO='-flag value' and was trying to run a program named
> proto89 by doing something like 
> proto89 $FOO.
> WRONG! This does NOT work in the zsh. The zsh does not give
> command proto89 2 arguments but only 1! That is, zsh does NOT
> give the command proto89 the 2 arguments "-flag" and "value"
> but only 1 argument "-flag value". proto89 does not report
> this problem but simply ignores it, hence my problem. Note
> that

David Huttleston Jr
7941 Tree Lane Suite 200
Madison WI 53717

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