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RE: zsh for HP-UX ???

I tried your suggestion with the LIB, but no luck. Same problem.

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Daniel.Norris@xxxxxxxxx writes:
 > I have a issue with zsh installed on HP-UX 11.0 and wanted to see
 > if anyone else had the same problem.  After compiling a copy of
 > zsh_4.0.4 and installing it I noticed the backspace and delete keys
 > on the keyboard are no longer functioning. When the keys are used I
 > get a one forward space then nothing.  I installed the same version
 > of zsh on Solaris and the backspace and delete key work correctly
 > Any ides?

I recall a discussion involving problems with the curses library
provided by HP-UX 11.x.  I worked around it by twiddling the LIBS in
the Makefile:

  LIBS            = -lnsl -lHcurses -lcurses -lm  -lc

Matthew Lovell
HP Systems and VLSI Technology

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