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Re: Subscribers only

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 14:56:09 +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> Mads Martin Joergensen wrote:
> > Well, I talked to them, and they'll make it subscribers only if we want
> > to. They'll also reenable spamassassin again when they fix it--it ran
> > out of control and 'exploded' some time ago.
> I think the latter would be a better fix.

I agree. For some reasons, users like me may post with a different
address than the subscription one.

> It could run at quite a high level of protection --- unlike normal
> email, with a mailing list you can tell if your mail didn't make it.
> (In the event of subject lines like `Zsh problem with pictures of
> celebrities taking human growth hormone', or whatever.)

If there is a problem to choose the level of protection, there could
be a white list (common to both mailing-lists) of subscribers / known
posters. And if possible, what about a confirmation request for
ambiguous messages...?

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