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Re: Subscribers only

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 02:56:09PM +0000, Peter Stephenson wrote:
=> Mads Martin Joergensen wrote:
=> > Well, I talked to them, and they'll make it subscribers only if we want
=> > to. They'll also reenable spamassassin again when they fix it--it ran
=> > out of control and 'exploded' some time ago.
=> I think the latter would be a better fix.  It could run at quite a high
=> level of protection --- unlike normal email, with a mailing list you
=> can tell if your mail didn't make it.  (In the event of subject lines
=> like `Zsh problem with pictures of celebrities taking human growth
=> hormone', or whatever.)
=> We don't really want to make zsh-workers a closed list, since that's
=> where we receive bug reports, and this way we can discuss them live
=> instead of trawling through a list.  This has proved a very useful way
=> of working.
=> Although it's less crucial, I don't think we want to close zsh-users,
=> either, since it's annoying to have to subscribe to a list just to ask
=> one simple query.  The people who bother to ask questions on the list,
=> even if they're not members, are often the ones who are able to spot
=> infelicities in the shell or in the documentation.  At a pinch, they
=> could still post to zsh-workers, I suppose, so this is an option.

I think to be a little blunt about it it boils down to.. which is more
important, keeping the loyal users who are actually subscribed and asking
not to receive a bunch of silly SPAM or making sure that Joe Schmoe can 
post freely?

I've enjoyed this list a great deal - I think there are some really cool
and some extremely smart people on here. But alas, I'm unsubscribing myself
and will resort to browse whatever archives on occasion instead.


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