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spam/virus problem

I contacted Sunsite Denmark about the big boss spam deluge and have
received a response from Karsten which is attached below. Sounds like
something is being done.


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Subject: Re: zsh mailing lists
From: Karsten Thygesen <karthy@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 14 Jan 2003 23:31:42 +0100

>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Kiddle <opk@xxxxxxx> writes:

 Oliver> Has there been any progress on spam filtering for the zsh
 Oliver> mailing lists?  Since Saturday, there have been 70 messages
 Oliver> to the list which are reportedly from `big@xxxxxxxx' and
 Oliver> contain just a .pif binary file attached - presumably a
 Oliver> Windows virus. This has resulted in quite a few complaints on
 Oliver> the list.


 Oliver> It would be much appreciated if you can set up some form of
 Oliver> filtering.  spamassassin seems to be the favoured plan among
 Oliver> people on the list.  Other options would certainly be
 Oliver> welcome.

Yes - we have tried blackhole for some time, but it did not scale to
our amount of mails. Spamassassin is not without problems either - we
have also tried that one.

Now I will look into messagewall, which seems quite good - and
includes virus scanning. I hope it will be installed during the

 Oliver> Even black listing big@xxxxxxxx would be worth something in
 Oliver> the short term as those messages don't appear to have abated
 Oliver> yet.

That is done now...!


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