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Re: terminfo, cygwin troubles

On 15 Jan, you wrote:

> I'm having some trouble with the $TERMINFO variable. 
> I've set the variable according to 'man terminfo'. 
> But zsh doesn't seem to check my $TERMINFO for the
> required descriptors.  Am I missing something?  I know
> that it's set correctly since 'man' works correctly
> when $TERMINFO is set, but fails when it's not set.

I'm not sure without having access to cygwin. $TERMINFO contains the
directory containing the terminfo database right? It might be using
termcap instead.

> On another note, doing 'ls -F' is really slow on
> cygwin.     The zsh completion mechanism seems to do
> something very similar to this.  How can I just get
> normal menu completion listings without helpful little
> symbol suffixes?

You could try `unsetopt listtypes' but I've no idea if it will help the

> _files "$expl[@]" -g '*.mp3'

> However this narrows the list too much.  I need any
> mp3s or directories, with the mp3s sorted first.  How
> would I accomplish this?  (I think this should be
> trivial, bit I've never been able to figure it out.)

Generally, that isn't done in the completion function but is configured
by each user. The following style (which is the default in 4.1) may
help. If you want it to work on the mp3 commands only, you'll need to
change the context part.

  zstyle ':completion:*' file-patterns \
      '%p:globbed-files *(-/):directories' '*:all-files'


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