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Re: Subscribers only

Let's wait until the list folks have their filtering back on line; then we can
make a judgement.  I suspect that the problem will mostly go away.  I have my
list software configured to block all of these problem emails, and there is no
reason to think that the list won't be back to normal soon.

Let's wait until we see if there is still a problem before restricting the
list.  My 2 cents, of course; I'm a member so members only won't impact me

On 17-Jan-2003 Joakim Ryden wrote:
> John Buttery wrote:
> =>   If we're being blunt, what it boils down to is doing whatever it is
> => that keeps the admins happy.  If people are going around creating and
> => supporting an outstanding piece of software for me, for free, I
> => certainly am all in favor of having their tools work the way _they_ want
> => them to.  Compared to that, you, me, and Joe Schmoe can all bug off.  :) 
> Oh don't get me wrong - I'm all for supporting zsh and its developers, it's
> close to the best thing since sliced bread. I'm merely suggesting that
> people might have more creative ideas for how to provide that support than
> having their inboxes filled with SPAM and viruses. But then I could be
> wrong of course. :)
> --Jo

E-Mail: seth@xxxxxxx
Date: 16-Jan-2003
Time: 21:32:24

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