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Re: Why no useful defaults?

Hi Will,

> I like the default prompt...
Hm, most of the people I'm showing zsh and trying to convince them that
it's A LOT better than bash see the default prompt and say yuck.

> I'm glad zsh doesn't have some silly fancy schmancy prompt as the
> default.
Me too!  I'm not talking about these fancy prompts, just a basic prompt
with the cwd in it instead of something ugly like a \u\h and maybe a basic
completion setup that only completes directories for cd and rmdir and
similar things for other basic commands.

Of course we'd have to discuss what's useful for a beginner and what should
be left as homework.  That way _maybe_ some day one of the distributions
will use zsh as their default shell instead of crappy bash.

Why not save the beginners a little bit of the trouble of setting zsh up?

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