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RE: more interactive menu completion

> >
> > In the development version, there is also
> > incremental mode of menu
> > selection, see the docs for the `complist' module
> > and for the new
> > completion system (under the `menu' style).
> That is very nice.  The functionality is exactly what
> I had in mind.  Once again, I'm very impressed with
> Zsh! :)
> One note about the user interface of this
> "interactive" menu completion mode:  Why have a
> 'vi-insert' key binding at all?  I don't see any
> reason for it.  IMHO "interactive" mode should be able
> to be toggled on or off permanently (maybe throuth
> styles).

You have not read carefully enough :)

     Finally, the two special modes of menu selection, namely
     interactive mode and incremental search can be pre-selected with
     this style. By including the word `interactive' in the value,
     interactive mode will be entered immediately when menu selection
     is started and the string `search' does the same for incremental
     search. To select backward incremental search, include the string

It is not default because it is still experimental, it is slow (yes, it _is_
slow) and it is very different from usual way. I personally found that
hitting three times cursor key needs the same time as typing in three
characters of next match :))


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author