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RE: qconfirm in front of zsh-users@

>>>>> "Andrey" == Borzenkov Andrey <Andrey.Borzenkov@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> How about require a zsh specific header like:
    >> X-zsh: ....
    >> Non X-zsh email will be bounced with a warning message.
    >> Advantage:
    >> * no need for confirmation wait
    >> * reduce network traffic
    >> DisAdvantage:
    >> * add this header when posting

    Andrey> I personally say "no" unless you explain how to add custom
    Andrey> headers to mail sent to specific address only in Outlook.

I was thinking the simple way, manually insert a line after Subject
line before you press send button.  However, I am not sure if one can
insert header lines with typical mailer.  I use emacs, in emacs, this
is just insert a line.

    Andrey> Confirmation mode looks like the least evil (if current
    Andrey> measures do not work). I can put up with need to subscribe
    Andrey> to both lists if it is absolutely necessary.

One problem with this method is the round trip time might just be
too long for some location and become a nuisance.

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