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Predict-on and colored/higlighted predicted text

Dear zsh-users:

Hello, first time for me to reach out to the zsh community. Thanks for
zsh shell! 

I have been exploring the 4.0.x functionality called "predict-on" and
"predict-off". It has been both a gee-wiz and a oh-darn experience,
meaning that I've be amazed and disappointed by zsh's history-based
prediction. I like it! I also hate it when it gets in the way! Oh
well. Also it reminds me of recent capabilities found in Windows such
as auto complete in Internet Explorer and Visual Studio 6.

Since zsh is a text-based program and doesn't have the luxury of
popping up a graphically overlaid text list widget like a graphical
program, I was wondering how far this prediction can be graphically
enhanced? Would it be possible to color code or highlight or
underscore the part of the line that is filled in by prediction?
Something like:

        cursor is here | 
% rsync -azvP -e ssh myhost:ive/done/this/before/ localcopy/
                       | something graphical reminds you of 
                       | prediction text, like a underscore?

Comments? Would you think this would be useful?

I've searched the archives for predict color but nothing comes up.

 < ^ ; ~,  
  (_  _,   Clifford Escobar CAOILE  (aka "Piyo-kun")
   J~~>  _.___...:.__..__.: __.:_. .:_.__::_..:._::._...  _____ p(^_^)q

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author