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Re: bash convert: new completion system skeleton?

On 24 Jan, you wrote:
> > cool. I guess it could be really useful.=20
>   I second that; I realize that zsh's new zstyle stuff is more powerful
> inherently than bash's system, but still I see almost-daily updates to
> the "bash-completion" project on freshmeat with new stuff and it would
> be great to be able to use it.  That is, as long as it doesn't generate
> too much unwanted work for someone and doesn't interfere with zsh's own
> completion of course.  :)

They make a release for every tiny change to bash-completion though.
There aren't that many programs it handles that zsh doesn't.

I've just got a few issues to clear up and I'll post something to do this
to -workers in a day or two. Making use of the bash-completion project
still won't be entirely easy. It takes a bit of tweaking before I can
source the file. Making use of the regular bash_completion updates will
require a lot of effort. But for getting your own collection of bash
completions to work, it will work fairly well.

It was interesting to see in more detail how the bash system works. It is
quite a bit less powerful even than compctl and in some respects lacking
relative to tcsh. Though using shell code to find out where in the line
the cursor is is better than those systems. It can only complete whole
arguments at a time and the way it can only fall back on a default glob
for half decent file completion is fairly unpleasant.


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