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Completing on options in name=value format?


I'm writing a completion function for some home grown scripts that require options in the format name=value. I'm having two problems with my function:

The command is as follows with the area and pf options required but the test option is not:
  startws area=<a subdirecties under /usr/local> \
          pf=<a file with a .pf suffix relative to
             the directory completed in the area option>

In order to complete the pf option, the area option must be specified first.

The function mostly works but I still have the following issues:

1. After I complete on the area= option, it still shows up on the completion menu.

2. The .pf suffix for the filename on the pf option isn't stripped off.

3. After completing an option and its argument, there's an extranious "=" appended to the end:
       startws area=intra=
   Upon entering a space, it's removed but it shouldn't be
   there to begin with.

This is the function so far:

#compdef startws servedb shutdb

local curcontext="$curcontext" state line expl area_dirs
typeset -A val_args

case "$service" in
_values -C -s = "Options" \
  'area[area directory]:area:->areas' \
  'pf[parameter file]:parameter file:->pf' \
  'test[test or trace mode]::test:(yes no)' \
  && return 0


[[ -n "$state" ]] &&
case "$state" in
  # directories contain a conf/ subdir one or two levels down
  area_dirs=( ${BASEDIR:-/usr/local}/*/conf
              ${BASEDIR:-/usr/local}/*/*/conf )
  # TODO: filter out certain directories
  # lop off the prefix, i.e. /usr/local/ and /conf suffix
  area_dirs=( ${${area_dirs#${BASEDIR:-/usr/local/}}%/conf} )
  compadd -qS = -a area_dirs

  local area
  for w in $words; do
    case "$w" in
  # BUG: -s .pf doesn't strip off the .pf suffix
[[ -n $area ]] && compadd -f -W ${BASEDIR:-/usr/local}/${area}/conf/ -g \*.pf -s .pf



return 1

Thanks for any assistance,

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