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Re: Interesting tidbit about bash completion

On 28 Feb, you wrote:
>   Just saw this in the "bash programmable completion" freshmeat projects
> update:
> # bash completion is now compatible with the new bash completion
> # emulation feature of zsh.
>   What does this mean (if anything) to us?

The change is little more than changing a few ugly bashisms like:
  if [ ${BASH_VERSINFO[1]} '>' 04 ]; then
  if [[ ${BASH_VERSINFO[1]} > 04 ]]; then

I sent them a patch to do that to save me the hassle of having to modify
/etc/bash_completion before sourcing it from zsh.

If anyone is interested, I use this function to source it:
bash_source() {
  alias shopt=':'
  alias _expand=_bash_expand
  alias _complete=_bash_comp
  emulate -L sh
  setopt kshglob noshglob braceexpand

  source "$@"

This is only useful for testing bashcompinit because it will override
lots of zsh completions. You could alias around all zsh functions with:
  for f in ${(kM)functions:#_*}; alias $f=_bash_$f
and then use:
  alias compdef='compdef -n'
when running bashcompinit (so don't use the -U option to autoload)
I could perhaps put _bash_source in bashcompinit and add a -n option so
that it uses compdef -n.


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