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Re: ClearCase version-extended filename completion

> > Version-extended file names in ClearCase (e.g.,
> > "foo.c@@/main/1") complete correctly (Type
> > and press tab) only while using old-style
> > No completions are displayed once you activate new
> > style completions by calling "compinit."  I
> > from earlier threads* that this can be fixed by
> > changes to the "_files" function, but haven't been
> > able to figure out the changes required.  Has
> > already done this or can explain to me what needs
> > be done?
> This is fixed in the latest 4.1 version (the main
trunk) in the archive.
> The patch was the one below.  I don't know if it
works in 4.0, but
> there's a reasonable chance.  It's had only limited
testing, so any
> feedback is useful.

Thanks a lot.  I use v4.0.2 on Linux/x86 and had to
change the  "VAR+=STHG" line to "VAR=${VAR}STHG", and
similarly for the array, after I patched and it worked
like magic.  The same thing also worked for v4.0.6 on
SunOS/sparc and v4.0.6 on Cygwin_NT-5.0,Win2k/x86. 
Nothing broken so far.

Sorry about the ersatz OS/CPU terminology.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author