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Re: menu selection and enter key

"Virginia Mann" wrote:
> I'm configuring zsh for the first time and trying to understand the 
> features.
> I find menu completion very useful, and I like seeing the list of candidates 
> below it. <tab><tab><tab> yes, that's the one I want<enter>, and it 
> executes.
> Then I found menu *selection*, which let me see where I was as I tabbed thru 
> the candidates by highlighting where I am in the list, which is very 
> convenient. Unfortunately, when I reach the one I want and hit <enter>, it 
> no longer executes. Now it just inserts a space and sits there waiting for 
> me to enter more. I have to hit enter again to make it execute.

accept-line in menu selection is redefined to do that. If I've
understood what you want it to do correctly, you can do:

double-accept() {            
  zle accept-line && zle accept-line
zle -N double-accept
bindkey -M menuselect '^M' double-accept

Does that help?


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author