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Re: Small Completion Problem

Thorsten Haude wrote:
> >No, it should work (does for me though I name the alias 'nedit'). What
> >version of zsh are you running? Do you have the complete_aliases option
> >unset? What does it complete after n -<tab> It should give you nc options
> >but if you get options for netcat, then there is something wrong.
> $ZSH_VERSION is 4.0.4
> 'n -\t' definitely looks like Netcat.

The netcat completion is not distributed with zsh 4.0.4 (or any 4.0.x)
precisely because of the nedit name clash. 

So you must have a netcat completion from somewhere else and installed
somewhere in your $fpath.

> I now looked around a bit (never expected that NEdit is supported
> (should have remembered that you are using it)) and found
> .../Completion/X/_nedit, which is Greek to me. What could I do to get
> the completion I want, if I don't care what happens to Netcat?

Find the netcat completion and remove it. $^fpath/$_comps[nc](N) should
find it for you.


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