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Test version of 4.1.1

I have uploaded a first test version of zsh 4.1.1 to


There are slight corrections to the package documentation I posted to
zsh-workers from Oliver (thanks).

This is a good opportunity to try it out on as many systems as possible.
It gets pretty well tested on flavours of Linux and Solaris but rather
less on other systems.  Please report any difficulties and test failures
(from `make test') to zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxxx  (We don't need to hear
about the test failure for the condition code due to NFS --- it should
give you a message telling you it's known about.)

We could also do with
  - any new additional tests people dream up, even if not fully coded
  - comments on typos, mistakes or obscure phrasing in the documentation.
The pre-formatted documentation is in the -doc packages.  (I've just
noticed we still supply PostScript but no PDF; the latter would
probably be more appropriate nowadays.)

CVS source is tagged as zsh-4_1_1-test-1.

Sorry this has taken so long.  If you haven't been keeping up with
development, here is the relevant part of Etc/NEWS.

New features between zsh versions 4.0 and 4.1

- upgraded to use autoconf post-2.50
- improved compatibility with other shells through shell options,
  builtin arguments and improved builtin option parsing

Syntax and builtins:
- new printf builtin
- `+=' to append to parameters which works for scalars, arrays and (with
  pairs) associative arrays.
- enhanced multiple parameter `for' loops:
    for key value in key1 value1 key2 value2 ...
  maintaining full compatibility with POSIX syntax

Add-on modules and functions:
- zsh/net/tcp module provides builtin interface to TCP through ztcp
  builtin.  Function suite for interactive and script use with expect-style
  pattern matching.
- zsh/net/socket module provides zsocket builtin.
- zcalc calculator function with full line editing.
- builtin interface to pcre library
- zsh/zselect module provides zselect builtin as interface to select
  system call

Completion system:
- general improvements to command and context support, low-level functions,
  display code.
- in verbose mode, matches with the same description are grouped
- highly configurable completions for values of specific parameters,
  specific redirections for specific commands
- support for bash completion functions (typically zsh native functions are
  more powerful where available)
- New completions provided for (some of these may be in later 4.0
  releases):  valgrind, tidy, texinfo, infocmp, Java classes, larch, limit,
  locale parameters, netcat, mysqldiff, mt, lsof, elinks, ant, debchange
  (dch), email addresses, file system types, Perforce, xsltproc.

Line editor:
- special parameters $PREDISPLAY, $POSTDISPLAY available in function
  widgets to configure uneditable text (for narrowing)
- recursive editing
- supplied widgets read-from-minibuffer, replace-string use these features
  (more intuitive prompting and argument reading than 4.0)
- access to killed text via $CUTBUFFER and $killring
- supplied highly configurable word widgets forward-word-match etc., can
  set what constitutes a word interactively or in startup script
  (implement bash-style behaviour, replacing previous bash-* word widgets)
- interface to increment search via $LASTSEARCH
- better handling of keymaps in zle and widgets
- better support for output from user-defined widgets while zle is active
- tetris game which runs entirely in zle

Local internal improvements:
- disowned jobs are automatically restarted
- line numbers in error messages and $PS4 output are more consistent
- `=prog' expands only paths, no longer aliases for consistency
- job display in prompts; `jobs' command output can be piped
- prompts: new $RPROMPT2, %^, %j, %y, enhanced %{, %}, %_.
- rand48() function for better randomness in arithmetic
  (if the corresponding math library function is present)
- $SECONDS parameter can be made floating point via `typeset -F SECONDS'
  for better accuracy
- improvements to command line history mechanism
- many bugfixes

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx>                  Software Engineer
CSR Ltd., Science Park, Milton Road,
Cambridge, CB4 0WH, UK                          Tel: +44 (0)1223 692070

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