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Completion: fixes and new ones


1a. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_dict

New funcionality:
- completes dictionary names,
- completes only words from selected database.

1b. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_dict2

- for dict version 1.9.7

2. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_dict_words

- complementary to above

3. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_gqview

New: completes options and files.

4. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_iconv

Adapted to new `iconv --list` (used to generate --{from,to}-code
completions) format.

5. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_modutils

Extended functionality: completes modules names for modprobe.

6. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_pdf

More programs to complete with it.

7. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_ps


8. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/_mplayer

New: many completions.

GoTaR <priv0.onet.pl->gotar>
PLD stuff at http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~gotar/

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author