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Re: ZSH on Dos/Windows (long)

* Bart Schaefer (03-04-06 22:45 +0100)
> Second thing I noticed is that the PATH is not set up correctly if you
> start zsh directly (as opposed to starting bash first and then running
> zsh from there).  This is the fault of whoever built the zsh package
> for cygwin, not of zsh itself.

"/etc/zprofile" takes care of that:

> It appears from Thorsten's message that there may be different sequences
> when the shift or control keys are pressed, because I don't know what
> generates e.g. "^[Od" (which Thorsten bound to backward-word).

This is [Ctrl]+[Cursor_left] in rxvt, but only rxvt generates 
different keycodes for [Ctrl] and [Shift], the native windows console 

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