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command-line editing speed

I'm running version 3.1.5 ($-=3567HRXZhiklms)  on a relatively powerful
HP machine.  Recently we've been noticing that command-line editing
seems to have become much slower.  Obviously this isn't due to changing
the zsh.  Curiously, it seems to be worse on our new machine, which is
faster and has much fewer processes running and much lower load average
(<0.5).  On both machines, it is now considerably slower than ksh, and I
think this did not use to be the case.  To test this, I simply use the
automatic repeat to key in about 60 chars, then hit escape and try going
back and forth with the automatic repeat of h and l.

Any clues how it could have gotten slower?  Why is the new machine
slower than the old?  Would a newer version of ZSH be faster or slower?

Norman.Azadian@xxxxxxxxxxxx	+41 31 342 8129
MC-TO-MIT-SWM-TSW			Swisscom Mobile AG

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author