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RE: command-line editing speed

I don't think the problem has anything to do with the repeat rate.
Testing with ksh I always get the performance that I expect.  The
problem is that, even on a machine with load average 0.02, when I lean
on the h or l key to move the cursor quickly, nothing happens for a
while and then it jumps 20 or 30 characters.

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Subject: Re: command-line editing speed

On May 8, 12:11pm, <Norman.Azadian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} I'm running version 3.1.5 ($-=3567HRXZhiklms)  on a relatively
powerful } HP machine.  Recently we've been noticing that command-line
editing } seems to have become much slower.

For quite some time now I've been noticing that my keyboard "driver"
loses its key-repeat-rate setting.  That is, have to use the console
"kbdrate" command to restore it, it has nothing to do with the X11 key
repeat setting.  This doesn't happen in any regular way that I can track
down, and I sometimes go for weeks without it happening at all.

However, your problem is more likely related to something else I've
noticed:  ioctl()/stty doesn't always report the right simulated "baud
rate" for X terminal emulators.  ZLE adjusts its display behavior based
on the reported baud rate.  I've had to put code into my .zshrc to force
the BAUD variable to have a reasonable setting regardless of what stty
claimed it to be.

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