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4.1.1 test-3

I managed to send zsh 4.1.1.test-3 to the archive in
before our mail server went down and I had to resort to a web
interface.  This is the second one I've tried to get through
the spam filter.

This is mostly bug fixes that turned up since test-2.

One slight incompatible change is that `zle -M <keymap>'
now treats <keymap> as a an argument to -M itself
instead of taking the first regular argument.  (If
you'd read the documentation in as much detail as I did
you might have thought it did the former anyway.)
A couple of other module builtins have changed in the same way:
mkdir -p (in zsh/files), ztcp -d, zsocket -d.

One change still to go in is the current favourite way
of handling the prefix-needed style from _arguments in
the completion system.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author