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Re: This virus that's killed my patience

	The worst of it all is that I have (after no less than 30 or 40 junk
messages in a week) been trying to unsubscribe since yesterday, I have sent
three requests already, but the server won't let me go. I'm a hostage here.

	Luciano Espirito Santo
	Santos, SP - Brasil

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On 28/06/03 at 12:47, Dennis McGregor wrote in 3K:
Assunto/Subject: This virus that's killing our list

>*When* is this going to be sorted out?
>I think everyone (who hasn't unsubbed already) would agree that this is
>getting rediculous.
>It's really not too much to ask for people to be subscribed to a list 
>before they can post to it. If people don't want to receive mail from this
>then they can post 3 mails to get help - 1 to sub, 1 query, and then
>another to unsub - this is not too out-of-the-ordinary as far as lists go.

>The people who want to continue getting posts from this list are suffering
>much because of this open policy...
>I volunteer to post notification to anyone who wishes to unsub until this
>sorted out (as much I'm tempted to unsub myself)... Mail me if you'd
>like me to do this.

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