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Re: This qconfirm thing

On Jul 7,  8:39am, Claus Alboege wrote:
} Subject: Re: This qconfirm thing
} Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
} > So I've just had to confirm both of my last two postings to zsh-workers,
} > possibly because I'm only subscribed to zsh-users.
} qconfirm is now put in sender-mode instead of message-mode. This means,
} that you only have to confirm the very first message sendt to a list, to
} which you are not subscribed. 


It appears that qconfirm is checking/replying to the envelope sender rather
than the From: address sender.  "brasslantern.com" is a virtual domain and
exists only as an HTTP redirect and an MX host, so although I'm subscribed
at that domain my mail always originates from another SMTP host.

So this message will serve as my one-time confirm for zsh-users, and then
all will presumably be well, at least until my SMTP host changes again ...

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