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Re: $? being clobbered?

* Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2003-07-14 19:25 +0000]:
> There's code in the precmd handler to preserve and restore $? but nothing
> similar is done during prompt expansion.

I think my best approach is to move all program execution to precmd.

> Is there some reason to execute the command every time the prompt is
> printed?  That is, does the command change from one prompt to the next?

Yes, because it's actually $(echoti cub $COLUMNS) and I wish it to
work even when the terminal is resized.

> I feel compelled to remark that moving 80 columns left seems an odd way of
> achieving 'setopt promptcr'.

...which is even on by default.  The existing stuff is left over from my
old bash prompt; didn't realize zsh did it for me.  (Actually, the full
code did a clear-to-end-of-display, too, which zsh also appears to do by

I still have an invocation of apm while I'll have to move.

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