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Preferred spelling list

I have CORRECT_ALL set and like the way I can type without thinking too hard. But I have
had trouble figuring out how I can get the default correction option to be the one that
I want. EG I am hopless at typing 'less':

cosmo@koetsu [~] ids_940_shm :-] les file1
zsh: correct 'les' to 'ls' [nyae]?
cosmo@koetsu [~] ids_940_shm :-] lss file1
zsh: correct 'lss' to 'ss' [nyae]?

How can I persuade the correction mechanism that I have a preferred list of commands that
should be considered first? I feel that I should be looking at the zstlye completer and
_correct but the more I stare at TFM the les I understand. I also don't want to set aliases
for all the possible mis-spellings that I could type, just a list of the most common commands.
How about it predicting the list based on the history.

On a similar note is it possible to get the correction mechanism to do this...

cosmo@koetsu [~] ids_940_shm :-] les sfile1
zsh: correct 'les sfile1' to 'less file1' [nyae]?

Now that would be super!


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