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Re: how to find out who I am

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> You might prefer
> 	ssh root@somehost -t REALME=andy exec zsh -l
> to run zsh as a login shell.

That's what I did anyway. :-)
I'm really happy with that solution and so far I haven't noticed any
negative sideeffects.

> Another trick that I've used in the past is to modify the TERM variable,
> which is automatically passed across rsh, rlogin and ssh connections,
> and then set it back again in the shell startup files.
Great idea, too!
Just have to ignore the first line with the warning:
 zsh: can't find terminal definition for spiegl/xterm

> and it is propagated automatically
> in the event you need to do something like
> 	ssh -t user@firstremote ssh other@secondremote
Very nice.  Thanks for the tipp!

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