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Help w/compctl & ksh_glob

I'm trying to setup some simple completions under zsh 4.0.6 using
'compctl' and 'emulate ksh'.  Nothing fancy, just matching programs to
extensions.  For example:

compctl -/g '*.+(b{oo,ar,az}|quu|txt)' foo

This ends up not working, nothing gets expanded.  I've tried replacing
'-/g' with '-/s'.  This works a little better.  It'll match the
appropriate files in the current directory.  It'll even complete
directory names.  However, it won't complete file matches in a given
directory.  For instance:

foo[TAB] will show 'x.bar' and 'subdir/'
foo x[TAB] will complete 'x.bar'
foo sub[TAB] will complete 'subdir/'

Now if 'subdir/y.baz' exists, the following will not work:

foo 'subdir/[TAB]' will complete 'subdir/' but will not show any
viable matches under 'subdir/'.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious.  Any pointers or help would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


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