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Re: Bug w/ SGI's XFS

Aredridel wrote:
> I get some really odd behavior with zsh running under XFS -- let me
> illustrate:
> aredridel@mizar:~/Fonts% cd
> 429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429=
> 392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392688429392=
> 6884293926aredridel@mizar:~% pwd
> 429392688/home/users/aredridel

> Odd, no?  Any ideas?

Odd indeed.

For what it's worth, I've been running zsh with XFS for well over a
year now without any problems (in contrast to the nasty problems I had
before with reiser and NFS). 

I've always taken the development patch sets for the appropriate kernel
version. Are you using the release (which is meant for 2.4.19)? What
kernel version is this? I'd try a clean build. If you still have
problems, you'd do well to also ask on the SGI XFS list.


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