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Re: ~/.zshenv or ~/.zprofile

On 2003-09-08 at 10:55 -0700, Wayne Davison wrote:
> Another solution for that is to use ~/.ssh/environment (as long as the
> "PermitUserEnvironment yes" option is set in the sshd_config file).  It
> also has the benefit of working regardless of what login shell you might
> have on a particular machine.

Heh -- on various Solaris boxes here, my .zshenv (or system zshenv)
builds $PATH at run-time, by setting $path to uniqueness and adding
various globs using zsh glob modifiers.

typeset -aU path
typeset -x PATH

I could mess around with cronjobs to keep that more up-to-date.  I could
do so and create a file in bourne-compatible syntax, sourced from
/etc/profile.  I could do many things.

I keep things simple and set $path in zshenv -- it's understandable and
doesn't lead to other people having to wade through docs which I've
written or reverse-engineer stuff themselves.

If set in /etc/zshenv then this stuff can contain some highly
system-dependent locations.

zsh rocks.
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