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does COMPLETE_IN_WORD work at all?

I have wondered what the COMPLETE_IN_WORD option actually does for
years.  The man page says:

  If  unset, the cursor is set to the end of the word
  if completion is started. Otherwise it stays  there
  and completion is done from both ends.
And the zsh tutorial states in section 6.2.4:

  For example if you typed 'Mafile', went back over the 'f' and
  hit tab, the shell would complete 'Makefile'.

But it never works when I try it:

  $ zsh --version
  zsh 4.0.4 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

  $ emulate -R zsh
  $ setopt completeinword

  $ mkdir test
  $ cd test
  $ touch Mail Makefile
  $ ls Mafile<Crsr-Left><Crsr-Left><Crsr-Left><Crsr-Left>

Now I have the cursor over the 'f'.  When I press <tab> once, zsh
presents me a menu of possible completions for 'Ma', i.e. 'Mail'
and 'Makefile'.  After pressing tab again, it prepends 'Mail' to
'file' and after pressing tab again I get 'Mailfilefile'.

So, does the COMPLETE_IN_WORD option work at all?  It might be
something in my config, but then the 'emulate -R zsh' should have
reset all options to the default.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^

Dominik Vogt, dominik.vogt@xxxxxx
Reply-To: dominik.vogt@xxxxxx

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