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Re: spelling correction bug?

Dominik Vogt wrote:
> I have my zsh-4.0.4 configured for spelling correction:
>   setopt CORRECT
>   unsetopt CORRECT_ALL
> (not using the new completion system yet).  Now, when I type
>   $ mape all
> zsh asks
>   zsh: correct 'mape' to 'mpage' [nyae]? 
> But "mpage" is two character errors away from "mape", while "make"
> is only one error away.  Shouldn't it try closer matches first?

This sort of correction (unlike that in the completion system) is
actually based on the keyboard layout; that's why there's an option
DVORAK to use the Dvorak keyboard.   Hence it decides `k' isn't near
enough to `p' for you to have meant that, whereas you might (without
reference to the keyboard) have missed out a letter or transposed a

There's a long-standing wish that you could use completion-style
correction at this point, but it's a lot of work.  With Sven absent,
it's not even clear there's anyone capable of doing it at the moment.


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