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Re: tab during menu completion

On Oct 7, 11:15am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} > zstyle ':completion:*' menu yes=2 select=2 interactive
} What does that `interactive' word in the style do? I can't find it in
} the manual but if you remove it, the bug goes away. Any idea where you
} got that from?

It's in the manual for 4.1.1-dev, last paragraph under the 'menu' style:

     Finally, it is possible to activate two special modes of menu
     selection.  The word `interactive' in the value causes interactive
     mode to be entered immediately when menu selection is started; see
     *Note The zsh/complist Module:: for a description of interactive
     mode.  Including the string `search' does the same for incremental
     search mode.  To select backward incremental search, include the
     string `search-backward'.

And in the zsh/complist section:

     this toggles between normal and interactive mode; in interactive
     mode the keys bound to self-insert and self-insert-unmeta insert
     into the command line as in normal editing mode but without leaving
     menu selection; after each character completion is tried again and
     the list changes to contain only the new matches; the completion
     widgets make the longest unambiguous string be inserted in the
     command line and undo and backward-delete-char go back to the
     previous set of matches

I don't think this mode has ever been very thoroughly tested.  It was one
of the last things Sven put it before he became too busy with work to be
contributing regularly.

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