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Re: startup delay from compinit

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 03:40:01PM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> That's rather odd.

Thanks. That was really the hint I needed. Turned out that I
broke everything last time I tried to get it working: I'd
tried to nudge compaudit to accept that files which we have
carefully installed with a special "application" group are
_not_ in fact insecure.  (Looks rather like there is a similar
existing hack for the 'staff' group triggered
by -f /etc/debian_version)

And I was trying to force that externally since I didn't
want to maintain a variant of compaudit in perpetuity,
since compaudit contains the directory scanning code.

But I evidently got it wrong - I'd returned OK from compaudit
without correctly having set _i_files, which meant the
function count was zero, which meant the compdump file
was rejected.

Thanks for the help - I'll have to mull how best to fix
this - turning off security measures (i.e. using -u here)
isn't normally appealing on principle, but when the checking
rules admit to being so arbitrary and system-conditional
they're clearly not always going to work.



PS. Small patch for conceptual anachronism.  (Young people
today blaa blaa, think they invented everything...)  It's
actually misleading, because it doesn't appear to apply
only to RedHat, yet there is code which is Debian specific
in the file.

--- Completion/compaudit.Orig   Wed Oct  8 11:12:15 2003
+++ Completion/compaudit        Wed Oct  8 11:14:07 2003
@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@
 [[ $_i_fail == use ]] && return 0
-# RedHat Linux "per-user groups" check.  This is tricky, because it's very
+# "Per-user groups" check.  This is tricky, because it's very
 # difficult to tell whether the sysadmin has put someone else into your
 # "private" group (e.g., via the default group field in /etc/passwd, or
 # by NFS group sharing with an untrustworthy machine).  So we must assume

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