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Re: Can this be done with compctl?

On Oct 28, 12:36pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
}   zstyle ':completion:*' insert-tab false

[We've switched from discussing compctl to compsys now, obviously.]

} Used to be the default and I don't think I particularly agree with the
} decision to change the default. More consistent with old compctl but it
} is a little odd.

Where it's less odd is at the PS2 prompt, where often the input is a
result of cut'n'paste (I know, we have "insert-tab pending" for that,
though it isn't guaranteed to work everywhere) or simply that you want
to indent for readability.  IIRC at the time insert-tab was introduced
the completion system couldn't determine that it was at the PS2 prompt.
Maybe now that we have $PREBUFFER we could add "insert-tab secondary"
and change the default to that -- although this time we should remember
to update the documentation.


Geoff -- the zsh.org/mla interface is messed up again.  URLs like this
are not working even though the referenced article can be found via the
search page:


Also, entering an article number in the "Lookup message by ..." boxes
produces an "Object not found" error page.

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