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Re: Completion function for bitkeeper?

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> _foo() {
>   local expl
>   _description foo expl foos
>   _bar "$expl[@]"
> }
> As a result of zsh having dynamic scoping, _foo's $expl is still
> visible inside _bar. _foo happens to use $expl for storing compadd
> options to pass on. Knowing this the author of _bar could take
> advantage of it but it'd be bad programming (and might break if _bar
> was called from elsewhere). To actively prevent it, we need static
> scoping.

Hmm... isn't the problem that the $expl set at this point and passed
down to _bar ultimately ends up getting passed to compadd (maybe
indirectly), while _bar may add its own options?  I've seen this sort of
thing when trying to sort out the sorting, i.e. the -J and -V options to
compadd.  Often one of them's already lurking in $expl at the point
where I want to propagate my choice of option down through the system.

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