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problem building zsh in background

Any comments on this bug report:

It seems easy to reproduce with both 4.0.7 and 4.1.1: eg

% rm -rf zsh-4.0.7
% tar tar jxf zsh-4.0.7.tar.bz2
% cd zsh-4.0.7
% ./configure &
checking if kill(pid, 0) returns ESRCH correctly... yes
checking if POSIX sigsuspend() works... yes
checking if tcsetpgrp() actually works...
[1]  + suspended (tty output)  ./configure

In the above report Roland McGrath comments "The zsh
configure script runs a program that does tcsetpgrp on fd 0
(stdin), which is broken in multiple ways.  If the input
were redirected then the test would give a false negative.
Since the input is your terminal and the job is in the
background, it rightly gets SIGTTOU for trying to perform
tcsetpgrp.  The only way a test of this nature can be safe
is if it's done on a specially created pty, e.g. in the
child of a forkpty call, but using ptys is not fully
portable so zsh is kind of stuck here."

Anyone looked into this before?


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