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Re: CLI Tricks

On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:42:46 +0000, Bart Schaefer
<schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>[zzapper seems to be unusually good at running afoul of verizon's mail
>filtering.  I've failed to receive the _first_ message in nearly every
>thread he's started.  The Sunsite staff tells me they think it's because
>their servers get temporarily listed by SpamCop, but why would zzapper
>in particular be the one to always hit them during SpamCop blackouts?]
>On Dec 12, 11:38am, zzapper wrote:
>} I meant NON-INSERT
>[With regard to starting in vi command mode]
>The short answer is, no, you can't, not without a bit of programming.
>Vi mode works by changing zsh's "main" keymap to be the "viinsert" map
>(normally it's the "emacs" map).  Command mode switches temporarily to
>the "vicmd" keymap, but the keys in that map that would return you to
>insert mode are all programmed to return you to the "main" map, not to
>the "viinsert" map.  This is to allow invoking vicmd from a bindkey in
>the emacs map without becoming trapped in vi mode.
>So you could force zsh to start in vi command mode by making vicmd be
>the main map, but then you can never get back to insert mode.
>The way to program around this is to first copy the vicmd keymap:
>    bindey -N vistartup vicmd
>Next, create a widget function that restores "viinsert" as the main
>keymap, and then calls through to a builtin widget.  You're going to
>have to bind this to every key that might change to insert mode, so it
>helps if it's generic:
>    reset-vi-and-call () {
>	local widget="${WIDGET#reset-}"
>	bindkey -v
>	zle $widget
>    }
>Now bind it to ALL the insert widgets in the vistartup keymap.  I'm
>only going to show how you do this for "i" and "a", because it's very
>    zle -N reset-vi-insert reset-vi-and-call
>    bindkey -M vistartup i reset-vi-insert
>    zle -N reset-vi-add-next reset-vi-and-call
>    bindkey -M vistartup a reset-vi-add-next
>Finally, set up your precmd function to force the main keymap to be
>the vistartup keymap, because you have to reinitialize this every time
>zsh re-enters ZLE:
>    precmd () {
>	# Any other stuff you already have in precmd stays here
>	bindkey -A vistartup main
>    }
>That's all.  If you (or anyone) actually codes the rest of this up and
>tests it, send the result to zsh-workers so we can consider including
>it in the zsh distribution.
Thankx but ARGGH!!

Maybe this is for somebody a lot higher up the learning curve.

BTW I expect vi to start in command mode because that's how real vi(m)


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