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Re: kill-word removes whole line

* On Sat Dec 13, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Dec 13,  4:40pm, Jesper Holmberg wrote:
> } 
> } autoload -U select-word-style
> } select-word-style bash
> }
> } foo * bar bar bar
> } 
> } and press alt-d, all three "bar" are removed from the command-line.
> The first thing I'd suspect is that you have a zstyle that is using a
> more specific context than the ":zle:*" one set by select-word-style.
> What do you find if you give the command
> 	zstyle -L

I've done some more experimenting and reading, and now I think I
understand what to look for in the zstyle listing.

However, as you can see from my previous post, I have no more specific
zstyle set for the :zle: commands.

In fact, this really looks like a bug to me, since all other word
commands like:

forward-word-match, backward-word-match
transpose-words-match, capitalize-word-match
up-case-word-match, down-case-word-match

work as expected. For now, I have turned the lines

autoload -U select-word-style
select-word-style bash

off, and use the old bash-backward-kill-word and bash-backward-word until
this has been resolved.


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