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Re: completion not inserting matches

On Apr 19,  5:40pm, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
} These "ascii art borders" are "box quotes" and supposed to make the
} quoted text more readable and structured

Well, yes.  If all one could do with the quoted section was read it,
they'd be fine.

  [I wrote]:
} > I do notice that you're not using the _oldlist completer.  You might try
} > adding that to the front of your list of completers and see if it helps.
} Yes, that works perfectly. Although
} * I cannot see where I am "using special completion functions, i.e.
} commands other than the standard completion system"

You aren't; the completion system is confusing itself somehow, and the
effect of _oldlist is to fool it back into doing what it should have.
} * My matcher list[1] should work that way (because of the "+")

I don't know if you read zsh-workers ... but someone else reported a
crash with a matcher-list similar to yours, so it may be that you're
tickling a bug and it's a freak of your environment that zsh goes on
working anyway (or a freak of his that it crashes, who knows).

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