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Command completion problem

There's a problem with command completion in zsh 4.2.0. For instance:

greux:~> ab[TAB]
abbes        abdelkri     abelaid      abiword      abw2html.pl

i.e. I get the completion choices for commands (abiword, abw2html.pl)
and users (abbes, abdelkri, abelaid). I would like default completion
to be for commands only (and assimilated).

The completion help says:

greux:~> ab^Xh
tags in context :completion::complete:-command-::
    commands executables builtins functions aliases suffix-aliases reserved-words jobs parameters  (_alternative _command_names _autocd) 
    jobs                                                                                           (_jobs _alternative _command_names _autocd) 
    parameters                                                                                     (_parameters _alternative _command_names _autocd) 
    path-directories named-directories                                                             (_alternative _cd _autocd) 
    users named-directories directory-stack                                                        (_tilde _alternative _cd _autocd) 
    users                                                                                          (_users _tilde _alternative _cd _autocd)

but I don't see "users" in the first line.

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