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Where to dump all functions/compctls/etc?


I googled for a little while and I'm still unsure:
where should I put my function definitions, completion
controls, environment settings etc to minimize
terminal start-up/login overhead?

I think these are obvious:

/etc/zshenv, ~/.zshenv: only most crucial system and
user env settings
/etc/logout, ~/.zlogout: stuff to be executed at

Currently I have only a dozen lines of env settings at
/etc/zshenv and ~/.zshenv both, zero at /etc/zlogout
and ~/.zlogout and over 800 at ~/.zshrc
("everything"). Is there any point to move some stuff
to ~/.zprofile? Are there some cases with my current
setup where functions/compctls etc are read twice?

Any URL to a document will do also fine. (Yes, I read
man pages a couple of times, but I can't say what
would be a reason to put something to ~/.zprofile and
something to ~/.zshrc).

Thanks in advance.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author