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zsh in GNU Screen--Login Shell?

Does anyone have any experience running zsh inside GNU Screen? On all the boxes I've used them on until now, zsh always started inside screen as a non-login shell--i.e., zshrc was executed, but not zprofile. However, just today I set up my usual environment on a box running GenToo linux, GNU Screen 4.00.01, and zsh 4.2.0, and it appears to have changed--zprofile seems to be executing too. This poses something of a problem, as my means of executing screen is through zprofile, so if when screen creates a new window, zsh calls zprofile again, I end up with nested screens, and a possible infinite recursion problem. Does anyone know why this is happening (or what I can do to prevent it)?

BTW, one example of a box that gives the correct behavior is Mac OS X 10.3.4, zsh 4.1.1, screen 3.09.15.
Aaron Davies

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author