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Re: zsh in GNU Screen--Login Shell?

On Friday, June 11, 2004, at 01:33 AM, Wayne Davison wrote:

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 11:05:30PM -0400, Aaron Davies wrote:
Does anyone have any experience running zsh inside GNU Screen?

Sure, I've used that combination for many, many years now (I think I was
using zsh back when I was maintaining screen, oh so many years ago).

GenToo linux, GNU Screen 4.00.01, and zsh 4.2.0, and it appears to have
changed--zprofile seems to be executing too.

I'm using debian with screen 4.00.02 and zsh 4.2.0 without this problem, so it's probably something that has been customized by the gentoo folks.
It might be something as simple as them setting the shell to a value
that begins with a '-' in the /etc/screenrc file (or wherever it is on
gentoo these days).  Look for a line like this:

shell -$SHELL

In fact, I decided to rsync the app-misc/screen dir from portage (I used
to use gentoo a while back), and they have that exact line in their
screenrc file.  Just comment it out and you should be fine.

Thx much. It's actually not my box, so I don't have root. I assume an equivalent solution would be to add "shell $SHELL" to ~/.screenrc, thus overriding the global?
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