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Re: Putting a running job into the background with cygwin zsh?

John Cooper <john.cooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm using the cygwin version of zsh 4.2.0 on WinXP.
> If I run a Windows program and later want to put it into the background,
> Ctrl-Z has no effect.
> `stty -a' indicates that the suspend character is ^Z.  Does this work for
> others or is it a known limitation in the cygwin version?

Since windows does not have job control nor pseudo-terminals, I
suspect that the backgrounding behavior is part of the Cygwin runtime.
Windows programs are not linked to the Cygwin runtime.
> Interestingly, the old Windows native zsh port (by AmolD) would always
> return immediately when invoking "windowed" Windows apps, i.e., if I typed
> `notepad', the shell would exec notepad.exe and immediately provide a new
> prompt. It only did this for apps designed to run "windowed", so would work
> for "notepad", "write", etc, but not for "java" (I used "javaw", which is
> "windowed").

That's depends on which Windows runtime you link with.


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