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Re: zsh completion of just latex files

> Assuming (a) that you're using compsys rather than compctl and (b) that 
> there isn't already a specialized completer for "vtex", the way to do this
> is with the zstyle mechanism, specifically the file-patterns style.  The
> example in the manual is very similar to this:
> zstyle ':completion:*:*:vtex:*' file-patterns \
> 	'*.tex:tex-files' '*.toc:toc-files *.dvi:dvi-files' '%p:all-files'
> This means to first try to complete tex files, then (simultaneously, note
> that the next two specs are both in the same string) toc or dvi files if
> there are no tex, and finally all files.

I would like to do something like that but that creates a new group
name. for me it's not with vtex at all, but for kghostview (a gv like)

I would like to have two groups :

---- PostScript or PDF files

printing on my screen before the file list.
(btw I have the correct formats in my .zshrc)

is that possible ?

Pierre Habouzit

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