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Re: zshzle: aborting history search

* Wayne Davison <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 17, 2004 at 04:49:01PM -0000, Georg Neis wrote:
> > How can I abort history-incremental-search-backward *without* losing
> > the text that I'm searching for (useful when zsh says "failing
> > bck-i-search")?
> If you want to go back to where you started your search, just press
> Ctrl-G.  If you want to stay on the current line, execute almost any
> editor-movement command, such as Ctrl-E, Ctrl-B, Right-Arrow, etc.

Sorry, my description wasn't clear enough.  Here's an example:

I have a new prompt and want to execute "cat /foo/bar".  I remember
that I executed this command some days ago and thus type ^R to go
into history-incremental-search-backward mode.  Now the
"bck-i-search:" prompt appears.  There I type "cat /fo" and
"bck-i-search: cat /fo" turns into "failing bck-i-search: cat /fo"
because the command is (for whatever reasons) not in my history file.
Now I want to be able to abort the search while transfering "cat /fo"
from the search prompt to the normal command prompt in order to
complete it manually.

Regards, Georg

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